Crab Soccer


Today we played crab soccer in gym class, one of the few sports that I am not bad at. For some reason, I thought it was smart to wear a skirt today. Luckily it was a long skirt, so I borrowed a rubber band from Mr. Compton and wrapped it up. I ended up looking like I had a diaper on, but at least I could play.

I love it when we use the scooters. I also love when I am not the last person picked in gym class. This happens a lot. It sucks being athletically challenged. Gym (or physical education, whatever) is the only subject I get S’s in. An S+, if I am lucky. Everything else I get E’s. I guess this is a sign that I will not be an athlete…

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, we LOST.

I am Poor


I am poor. We only have one TV and we do not have cable. We watch the same DVD’s (and VHS) over and over and over and over and over again. We have one phone and it is not a cordless phone. I am the only person in the whole world that does not have a cell phone :-(

We put my clothes on layaway- at Walmart! We rewash plastic silverware and yogurt cups to use as dishes. I have had the same twin size bed that I had since I was younger- and of course my feet hang over the edge. I have an allowance- 5 bucks every two weeks. That’s enough for candy, I guess.

I wear straws from the bottom of broomsticks in my ears. Do you know how many people have asked me what those things are in my ears?! And when I tell them, they are still confused.

In daycare I could never fall asleep during nap time. Maybe it was because I was the only kid using a towel as a blanket?

At school, I have a reduced price lunch. When I pack, I have nothing tasty to trade. I never get to bring lunchables like the others. My dessert is fruit. I pack bologna, pb &j or cheese sandwiches (ugh). It sucks to be poor!

Like a Lion

Today I got my hair braided. I HATE hair-braiding day. First, I take my braids down and look like a lion. Then, I have to wash my hair and detangle it while trying to make sure the comb doesn’t break :-|. Next, I have to blow-dry it. I start sweating, my arms get tired, and I get hair EVERYWHERE! After that, I STILL look like a lion :-(

Then my mom puts my hair in two doo-doo braids for school the next day. The other kids love that as much as I do. It’s better than looking like Simba when I come to school, I guess.

After I survive my atrocious hair at school (IF I survive), I go to my braider’s house. Her name is Barb. Barb has that thing we don’t have at home. It’s called: CABLE. Yeah, that’s right. I don’t have cable. So, not only am I getting my hair did (Yay!), I get a little treat on the telly. See the good in bad, I guess…

Sort of a superhero?


Omalara. Tara Omalara. Okay, kiddies, that may have went over your head. I apologize in advance.

Anyway, that is my name, and this is my story.

I am a grown-up. Well, sort of. I am 24. I have a job, a car and I do stuff like drive, iron, pay rent and other bills. Yuck! Somehow, I still feel like a kid. I watch cartoons, I make stuff and I like being goofy with my Little Sister and my nephew.

I also lead a double-life as a superhero. I know what you’re thinking. She expects me to believe she’s a superhero?

Fortunately for me, my battles are fought on another planet. It is exhausting at times, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

We’ll get into this later. This blog is about my childhood. For some reason, my mom thought it would be wise to not tell me that she’s from another planet. She wanted me to grow up thinking I was human, so that I could go through that same things you guys go through. Yay (sarcasm)!

Anyway, here is my story and I hope you guys enjoy it!